Eye on Surveillance

A coalition of New Orleans groups concerned with surveillance.

Facial Recognition Ban

Say "NO" to Facial Recognition

Support the Facial Recognition Ban and Surveillance Technology Oversight Ordinance

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Learn more about surveillance in New Orleans and why the Facial Recognition Ban is so important.

Surveillance in N.O. Facial recognition Ban

EOS - Points of Unity

Government surveillance, past and present, has been utilized to target black, brown, queer, and working communities in the interest of public safety. However, the fact remains that surveillance does not reduce crime and only further criminalizes those same communities. Eye on Surveillance is a group of community members and organizations working together under three points of unity:

  • Halt the local government’s expansion of surveillance tools such as facial recognition and social media monitoring and increase oversight of current government surveillance methods.
  • Explore evidence-based anti surveillance options for public safety through community input in the form of increased oversight of current government surveillance methods
  • Protection of vulnerable communities. Protect vulnerable communities from potential harm associated with government surveillance.